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Freed from the Pit - Bhagyalakshmi   PDF  Print  E-mail 

Oman: The Ecumenical Council for Charity (ECC) is a partnership of several churches in Muscat, Oman. The ECC seeks to serve all people in need, irrespective of their religious background.

Bhagyalakshmi was one of those fortunate persons to receive help. It is not uncommon to come across some runaway migrant workers crying out for help to get them back to their countries of origin. Many of them run away because they cannot cope with the difficult circumstances they find themselves in. They usually resort to this if they have been treated badly or abused physically. At times it is also because of maladjustment on the part of the employee. Bhagyalakshmi arrived at the Bible Centre, looking very frightened, tired, weak and incoherent. Babu immediately referred her case to the ECC and the Protestant Church in Oman. With their help and the Indian Embassy the legal matters were sorted out. A local Telugu Church pastor took her into his house, while some individuals collected clothes and money for her. She also received some Audio Scriptures. Finally, the ECC provided her with a ticket to her home town in India. Before she left she said, “Evil spirits, fear and sleeplessness haunted me for months. My Bible was my only source of light during my dark days. Now I believe what God’s Word says,

‘the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.’ (I John 4:4)

God’s Word alone gave me deliverance from spiritual oppression. I was afraid my family would misunderstand my unplanned early return home. Thoughts of suicide often came to mind. God in his mercy protected me from my foolish intentions during my fits of depression. God’s Word gave me strength to face reality. God did a miracle in my life, not only did he rescue me from the pit, but enabled me to rejoin my family.”

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