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The total number of Christians (expatriates) living in the Arabian Peninsula is around 2,300,000. Regular church attendance is around 450,000 (statistics from church sources). The official language in all the Arabian Gulf is Arabic, and Islam is their religion.

The Christian church presence varies in the different countries in the peninsula. In Saudi Arabia, official worship services for Christians are strictly prohibited. In the rest of the Gulf countries, different denominations such as Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox have their own congregations and are officially recognized by the authorities. Most of the churches in the Gulf are expatriates and come mainly from Asia. Although there are a few locally rooted Christians in the Gulf, by and large, we can speak about a truly “migrant church” living in a Muslim environment. This is why ecumenical relations are very important and so is the Christian-Muslim dialogue about coexistence.

At the Bible Society in the Gulf, we have the unique privilege of taking the Good News to these people. It is a challenge to make God’s Word available in the many languages represented here in formats that are appropriate.Out of the 2.3 million Christian migrant workers in the Gulf, over 50% of them are non readers or illiterate. Presently the BSG makes the Scripture available in more than 50 languages. To help people read and understand the Bible, the BSG also makes available Christian literature and music, and creates practical products and tools to help people effectively use and apply God’s Word to their everyday life and situations.

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