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'Sounds of God's Love' John 3:16 in many languages   PDF  Print  E-mail 

 My Special Gift !         Bible Sunday/Friday         Contents

Would you like to hear the sounds of John 3:16 in 35 languages? The Bible Society in the Gulf, with the help of Wilhelm Schmidt a member of the Dubai Evangelical Church has produced a unique DVD called the “Sounds of God’s Love”. Since UAE has a large multinational Christian population, men and women from several different countries and language groups were invited to participate in this project. The participants were invited to come dressed in their native costume and read John 3:16 in their mother tongue. Babu Ganta describes this production as a “foretaste” of what heaven may be like and in the words of John who says

“After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne …..” Revelation 7:9.   

The DVD also has two other recordings. First the inaugural program of the Jebel Ali Bible Society Centre in Dubai. The program contains songs sung by the inter-congregational choir and a very powerful message by Rev.Miller Milloy, the acting General Secretary of the United Bible Societies.

Secondly it includes a 10 minute documentary of the Bible Society in Australia, about the production of Bibles in China. It is a fascinating story about the Chinese Church and the Amity Press which annually prints 2 million Bibles for 90 million Chinese Christians with the paper supplied by the UBS.

My Special Gift !

Would you consider becoming involved in the Bible Society ministry by making a donation today?. The demand for Scripture is growing all over the world. There are many projects both global and local which you can support. Your special one time gift, can make all the difference to someone who couldn’t afford the price of a Bible. Special Year of the Bible envelopes are available at the Bible Centres to help you make your contribution today.


'Three in One' DVD/VCD

• John 3:16 in 35 languages 
• Inauguration of Jebel Ali Bible Centre, Dubai
• Bible Society Work in China

All the supporters (Scripture Partners) can have a copy of the DVD/VCD “Sounds of God’s Love” as a gift from the Bible Society. It will also be given to those who make a one time special gift mentioned above.  

Have a Bible Sunday/Friday service in your church this year.

Celebrate Bible Sunday/Friday in your church. Conduct a special service with the focus on the Bible.

Give thanks for men and women, down the ages who have made it possible by their work and life or even death, to make it possible for us to have God’s Word in our own languages.

Pray for the continuing worldwide ministry of the Bible Society.

Do a presentation about Bible Society ministry and Bible news. You can call any of the Centres for a CD. Or you can invite one of the Bible Society staff to visit your church and be a part of your Bible Service.

For more ideas on how to conduct a Bible Day service please visit the BSG website.


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