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John 3:16   PDF  Print  E-mail 

2004 - Year of the Bible in the Gulf.

John 3:16 in 100 languages !

On the occasion of inaugurating the Bible Society Center at Jebel Ali there were many people from various part of the world.  One of the gifts that these internationals have brought with them was John 3:16 in their heart language.  Wilhelm Schmidt volunteered to record John 3:16 in as many languages as possible. In the first round of recording, this verse was recorded in the following 35 languages.  During this year (probably in May 2nd week) there will be one more recording session.  Those of you who are in the UAE and  would like to have John 3:16 in your language to be added, please contact Babu Ganta, BSG Information officer at pcobslib@omantel.net.om.  It will be great to have this recording in over 100 languages.  The first recording is available in DVD and VCD formats at the Bible Centre at Jebel Ali.

 John 3:16 has already been recorded in the following 35 languages


1. Afrikaans (South Africa)

2. Amharic (Ethiopia)

3. Bohasa (Indonesia)

4. Cantonese (China)

5. Dutch (Netherlands)

6. English (Australia)

7. English (Scotland)

8. English (United States)

9. Fanti (Ghana)

10. French (Congo)

11. Gaelic (Ireland)

12. Gujurati (India)

13. Hindi (India)

14. Ibo (Nigeria)

15. Kamba (Kenya)

16. Kannada (India)

17. Kapangpangan (Philippines)

18. Kokani (India)

19. Luo (Kenya)

20. Malay (Singapore)

21. Malayalam (India)

22. Mandarin (China)

23. Marathi (India)

24. Russian (Russia)

25. Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)

26. Spanish (Costa Rica)

27. Spanish (Mexico)

28. Swahili (Tanzania)

29. Swedish (Sweden)

30. Tagalog (Philippines)

31. Taiwanese (Taiwan)

32. Tamil (India)

33. Urdu (Pakistan)

34. Vietnamese (Vietnam)

35. Vishayan (Philippines)

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