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An opportunity to be informed:
Churches around the world celebrated Bible Day to remind the people of the centrality of Godís Word in the Christina faith. It helps to create a greater awareness of the life-changing
Ministry of the Bible as it is a time to focus and reflect on the Word of God.† When the Bible day is celebrated, the entire service is dedicated to the theme of Godís Word. Appropriate hymns, songs, activities and Scripture passages are selected.† It is also an occasion to be informed of the work of the Bible Societies world wide.† A staff of the Bible Society or anyone associated with it in some way or the other, can be invited to share Bible News in the form of testimonies and reports of distribution, translation etc., from around the world.

An opportunity to be involved:
Bible day also provides an opportunity to become involved in the Bible ministry.† Churches may set aside the dayís offerings for Bible work and individuals may offer themselves as volunteers or intercessors or personally support Bible Society by becoming a Scripture Partner.† Such an involvement will accelerate the distribution of Scripture locally and globally.† Churches and prayer groups who would like to be part of this world-wide ministry, may contact their local BSG representative.

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