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New Bible Society Center in Sharjah - UAE   PDF  Print  E-mail 

Sharjah- UAE: "People sense the presence of Godwhen they enter the Bible Society Resource Center"said Juliet, who has been working in the new BibleSociety Resource Center in Sharjah, UAE, for justover a month now.

Sharjah is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. More than 100,000 Christians live in Sharjah. All the main denominations have regular church services and activities in this emirate. The Bible Society in the Gulf- UAE, in partnership with St.Martin’s Anglican Church initiated a Bible Resource Center in Sharjah about a month ago, but the dedication service and the inauguration was held on Tuesday, October 28, 2008, at 8:15pm.

Mrs. Ranjini Ganta, the Bible Society in the Gulf- UAE Representative welcomed the gathering and Mr. Sanjeev Bhonsle a Council member of St Martin's lead the responsive Bible reading from Nehemiah 8: 1-12. Ranjini gave an overview of the Bible Society work in the UAE, focusing on the importance of working with people. She also said that God's Word needs to be made available to people of different languages and ethnic groups. "There are more than 120 different nationalities and language groups present in the UAE," Mrs. Ganta stated. She further added, that although the BSGUAE stocked Bibles in more than 60 languages in its centers, the challenge it faced was to make the Scriptures available in the rest of the 120 languages to meet the needs of all the different groupsliving in the country.

Mr. Babu Ganta, the Bible Society communication officer made a presentation on the various Scripture programs in the UAE in particular and also those in the Gulf in general. He talked about the challenges of ministering among the migrant workers who live and work in the numerous labor camps scattered around the Emirates.

Mr. Hrayr Jebejian, the General Secretary of the Bible Society in the Gulf, thanked St. Martin's andthe community for their cooperation and partnership. He focused on the Bible Societies’worldwidefellowship, present in more than 200 countries. Mr Jebejian stressed the fact that the Bible Societywas not a bookshop, and the sale of Bibles was only one of the activities in its ministry. "We workwith all the churches and support their ministry in helping the community to interact with the Wordof God" said Mr Jebejian added. In conclusion he urged "Let us make this Resource Center ourhome where each and every one will own and nurture it - a home where every body can interact withthe Hope-giver for a better life."

Rev. Ernest Victor, the vicar of St. Martin's reminded everyone that the Centre in its present state was the result of many years of praying and hard work by those who were keen in distributing God's Word. He said the power of God's Word was evident in the transformed lives of the people who read it and lived by it. "The Gospel goes where you and I cannot go" said Rev. Victor. "What the Bible Society can do, we cannot do alone. People come to the Bible Society centers without being intimidated and we all need to support this work" He concluded.

Prayers of dedication were offered by Father Aram Deyirmenjian of the Armenian Orthodox Church, Mr. John Nalloor of the Mar Thoma Church, Rev. Ernest Victor and Father Xavier of St.Michael's Catholic Church.

The dedication service was concluded by Ranjini Ganta thanking everyone involved in the project. She mentioned each and everyone by name who had played an active role in making it all happen.

The Bible Society Center was inaugurated by Rev Ernest Victor by cutting the ribbon and officially announcing the opening of the new Center.

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