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"I am so excited there is a Bible Resource Centre here in Sharjah. I do not have to go all the way to Jebel Ali Bible Centre every time I have a Scripture need." said one visitor to the new Bible Centre outlet in Sharjah. The Centre has been open since September, but it will be formally inaugurated on 28 Oct 2008 There are 160 different Christian congregations in Sharjah. In St Martinís Church alone, where the Bible Centre is situated, 84 congregations of sizes varying from 80-300 people gather throughout the day for worship on a Friday. (Friday is the weekend holiday and day of Worship for all)

Bibles in English, and all the major Asian languages including the 15 national languages of India, and books in at least six other languages besides English is available. In all 100,000 Christians from more than 50 countries who are residents here will benefit. It is also a blessing to Christians from the nearby Emirates of Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quaim. These places have Christian populations but some of them have no designated places of worship.

Bible Society takes keen interest in providing audio scriptures and other to illiterate migrant workers.

Some stories: An Anglican Pastor from Ras al Khaimah bought all the available youth Bibles on his first visit to the Centre. A Filipino lay leader took Tagalog Bibles for camp workers. He doubled the quantity of Bibles since he received them at half price. As soon as they heard that Bibles were available in their mother tongue - Amharic- Ethiopian housemaids rushed to the centre and took every single copy available.

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