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2006 Year of the Family Campaign   PDF  Print  E-mail 

The 2006 Year of the Family campaign is a media campaign to strengthen the families of the Arab world. Sat-7 is the sponsor of the campaign. Sat-7, a satellite TV Channel, whose mission is to provide the churches and Christians of the Middle East, the Gulf and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational,informative, and educational television services. The campaign is in association with the Bible Societies in the Middle East, including the Gulf.


The slogan of the Year of the Family campaign is
“Together we can shape the future” and the objectives of the campaign include:
1. Emphasizing the important role of the family in today’s world.
2. Dealing with the root causes of the challenges facing families today.
3. Working with the churches to instill Christian values in home life.
4. Affirming the unique role of each member of the family.

“Globally, the family is the basic building block of our society. Yet, it seems today that the very institution of the family is being challenged, even in the very family-oriented Middle East and North Africa,“ says SAT-7 CEO Terry Ascott. “Families in this region especially face problems likepoverty, illiteracy, migration, negative media influences, divorce, spousal abuse, etc. Therefore, SAT-7 invites all the churches and Christian agencies and media in the Arab world to join the campaign by dedicating the year 2006 to be the Year of the Family!”

In the coming year SAT-7 will be airing special television programmes on family issues, such as how to work towards being part of a happy family, how best to raise your children, how to have meaningful family devotions etc.

The Bible Societies, as partners to SAT-7 for this campaign, will also be organizing programs to increase the awareness and importance of the family life in today’s world.

The Bible Society in the Gulf, as one of the Bible Societies partnering with SAT-7 in this campaign, is very much enthusiastic of promoting the Year of the Family in 2006 among the different churches and congregations in the region. The Bible Society Centers in the Gulf will be initiating different programs during 2006 to focus on family issues. More information regarding programs and schedule of events will be shared very soon.

Hrayr Jebejian
Executive Secretary - The Bible Society in the Gulf



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