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Preparing a Children’s Program


Prepare the program: Have the program printed. Every leader should have a copy, and know what is happening.

One Theme: The songs, games, sketches and object lessons should all center around one theme.

Put the kids in the mood: At the beginning of the program, start by giving the kids a quick overview of the program.

One person in charge: For every evening program, have one person in charge. His/her responsibility is to make sure that the program is running smoothly and what’s next will be ready on time. Only the leader can change items in the program.

Timing: Always start on time. Make sure the kids are in their groups. Each leader should be sitting with his/her group. Always check the time with where you are in the program. Be sure not to finish late or too early.

Discipline: Evening programs are a time of fun, entertainment and learning. Be sure to have a balance in discipline. Use action words to control the kids, or elimination of points.

Links: Be sure to hand the kids, to the next person, calm and in order. Let it be clear to them that they are starting something new.

One-man-show: Although you are a team of leaders, only one of you should be in front at a time. Always focus on that person. Avoid side conversations and jokes. If you are not preparing for the next item, and have nothing to do, keep your focus on the person in front.

The Program



                - Prepare the sequence of the songs before hand.
                - Practice the introduction of each song.
                - The musician should always follow the leader.
                - Give the kids a chance to choose some of the songs.
                - Start with a song they know.
                - End with a low pace song.


                - Prepare the items needed before hand.
                - Avoid games of elimination.
                - Avoid games that hurt or embarrass kids.
                - Be sure you understand the game before you attempt to explain it.
                - Explain the game first. Then divide the kids into groups.
                - Explain the game slowly and clearly.
                - Start the game with one or two trials.


                - Try to include one or two sketches in each program.
                - Rehearse well before performing.
                - Take concern for articulation and blocking.

Object Lesson:  

- Use 3-D objects.
- Use clear and simple objects.
- Use objects that can be reachable.
- Have a strong connection between the object and the theme at hand.
- Not to exceed 4 minutes.

Memorizing Verse:  

- Choose a verse from the Bible Study.
- Use the over-head projector.
- Try to find a fun rhythm or beat.
- Come up with actions for the verse.
- Try not to exceed 3 or 4 minutes.

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