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Kuwait November 2004: Being the Bible Year, the Bible Society in Kuwait held– a seminar regarding Cults and Heresies, seeing how this epidemic is threatening to our youth. The Bible Society Kuwait saw fit to help the Churches in Kuwait by conducting such a seminar. This was done by the speaker Yousef Sabri on how we as God's people should handle it. The seminar was held on Monday and Tuesday 22 & 23 November 2004. The seminar was started by an introduction to Cults and Heresies from the times of the early Church until present date. The topics of the Mormon Cult and Jehovah Witnesses were covered in detail. As an opening a presentation was done by brother Yousef introducing the various activities that the Bible Society does locally as well as world wide in helping God's word to reach all, such as the Scripture Partners and other matters especially the demonstration of the Voice Mega system of the New Testament. All Arabic speaking churches in Kuwait with their priests, pastors and elders were present totaling over a hundred, from the following churches The National Evangelical Church headed by Pastor Emanuel Gharib & Pastor Anis Unsi, Catholic Church headed by Fr Yousef Fakhry & Fr Latif, the Greek Orthodox Church headed by Archimandrite Ephrem Al-Toumy, The Armenian Orthodox Church by Fr Ardag Kehyeian, St. Mark Coptic Church headed, the Apostolic Church, the Brethren Church and the Christian Union Church headed by their leaders.


Gospel in Kutchchi Language: In 2001 Christians across the Gulf raised US $ 38,950 when they heard that there were over 4000 Scripture-less languages in the world. Churches and individuals wanted to make a difference by contributing to first time translation projects. Through the UBS Fellowship 26 First Gospel projects received this gift. One donor from Bahrain was keen that we partner in the Kutchchi Project and so we did. Recently Rev GDV Prasad, Director (Translations), Bible Society of India sent 200 copies of the completed John’s Gospel in the Kutchchi language to the BSG  


Fact File: About 1.5 million Kutchchis live in the Kutch region, in the northern parts of Gujarat close to the Pakistan border. The people here speak Kutchchi which is a mixture of Gujarati, Sindhi and Punjabi. Kutchchi does not have its own script so the Gujarati script is used instead. The Kutchchis follow Hindu traditions and religious practices. The people are very enterprising, engaged by and large in business. A large number of Kutchchis also live outside India, in places like Kenya and the United States of America. There have been many enquiries for Scriptures in Kutchchi. Kutch was one of the worst hit regions, when an earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale devastated the North-western part of Gujarat State in January 1999 resulting in untold suffering, a high death toll and an enormous loss of property and livestock.


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