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The Just For Kids drama and music team from Lebanon, enthralled kids and adults alike in UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait with their delightful performances during their recent tour of the Gulf in October and November, 2004.

Children from a cross-section of nationalities and denominations were present in the 14 shows. All in all it was a very successful tour

“It was wonderful!…”; “Really marvelous...”; “Delightful … simply great...”; “Fantastic and wonderful ... such fun...”; “It was very funny...” …were some of the remarks echoed over and over again, in different places, by different voices, of different ages, excited and thrilled by the experience they’d just had.

This was the Team’s first ever Gulf visit, thanks to the Bible Society in the Gulf. In its efforts to reach children between ages 3-11, Bible Society in the Gulf invited the Just for Kids’ team to tour the Gulf. This was organised to coincide with the “Year of the Bible”, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Bible Society Movement around the world.

The highly talented team of 5 young men and women delighted children and adults alike with their creative and dramatic skills. The message conveyed through their performance was the relevance of God’s Word in everyday life including our attitudes to one another.  Through all its Year of the Bible activities, the Bible Society in the Gulf is committed to spread this message.

To reinforce the teachings of Jesus that was so creatively presented to them, each child received the Book of Hope, which retells the story of Jesus. ‘I liked how you guys expressed Gods Word in a cool and fun way’ said Subin John (13 yrs) from Kuwait.

  Many adults were encouraged to adopt novel and creative methods to convey biblical truths to children through drama and music. Workshops for teachers were conducted in all three countries ‘I have never seen anything like this in my life’ said Rajan Thomas, coordinator of Child Evangelism Fellowship, based in Bahrain.

The BSG in UAE hosted more than 10 performances in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and Dubai covering 32 congregations.

On one occasion Ronnie Bassous the JFK team director, reminded the adults “Children are our future. We need to invest in them”, This reiterates the mission of the Bible Society in the Gulf, our commitment to provide God’s word to all and this includes our precious children. 




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