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Bible Society in the Gulf  

There is no one single way to share the Message. Bible engagement is a world in itself, where a thousand and one ideas can be explored to access the same Good News to a given community. The Bible Society is a catalyst that places the Good News in different ways and formats and in situations and circumstances of different nature and character, so that people can access it in and within their own context. This is the dynamism of the Bible: A Book that generates response to each and every reflection and query.

The Bible Society in the Gulf is developing this page as one way “of the thousand and one” to share the Message. It is also a way to develop a better link with each and every one of you, so that we can partner together in helping people to understand the message. Visit our website and get acquainted with the different aspects of the work. You may find challenges that might motivate you for more involvement. Write to us for more information, and feel free to comment and make suggestions. We also intend to develop a personal friendship, so that we can work together in this very exciting ministry.

The Bible Societies in the Middle East, including the Gulf, have proclaimed the year 2004 as the "Year of the Bible". These Bible Societies, and in cooperation with national churches and Christian ministries in the region, are launching the Year of the Bible program. The aim is:

1. to emphasize that the Bible is our common heritage.

2. to support the mission and the ministry of the church.

3. to emphasize the relevance of God’s Word in today’s world.

You can find the details of the Year of the Bible activities in the section
'Year of the Bible up dates'.

Please be assured that your friendship and partnership mean a lot to us.

Sincerely in Christ,

Hrayr Jebejian
Executive Secretary

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